Chiropractic Testimonials

"I would like to share my fantastic experience with Deines Chiropractic. I have had daily headaches for over 4 years. I went to my doctor, I saw a neurologist, and took enough pain killers to hurt the lining of my stomach. I still had little relief.

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Deines to me and after a few weeks, and a few reminders I finally did. I was welcomed with a warm greeting and a big smile from the staff. I was very impressed by how thorough the diagnostic procedure was. I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing though. I was thinking if a neurologist couldn't help, why would this work? Wow was I wrong!

The first treatment made a noticeable difference. My spine and neck are getting trained to stay in line. I'm happy to say that I can go days without a headache. And the treatments are making my life so much more enriching. I don't have to go home and sit in my chair and take meds to be able to go to sleep without pain I can do things around the house I was too tired to do. I can play with my dogs longer. I have energy now I haven't known in years.

The staff is kind and wonderful. And Dr. Deines is super. The whole process was a real game changer in my life. lf you want to live better because you feel better, try Deines. l'm glad I did!"

- Lenny S.

"Nate Deines is truly a gifted healer. I woke up one week after my son's birth with Bell's Palsy (half of my face paralyzed). With daily adjustments from Dr. Deines, I started to see improvement in only 11 days (a record recovery time)! I have been treated by chiropractors all over this country for back and neck pain from car crashes, and he is by far the best. You will always feel listened to and taken care of at Deines Chiropractic... not rushed in and out as ins the case with many other practitioners. I highly recommend going to see Dr. Deines for any specific health issues or pain, but also if you are feeling great, to maintain health and alignment."

- Caspian A.

"After suffering for 4+ years with vertigo, motion sickness, feeling off balance and unable to walk a straight line along, migraine headaches, tingling and numbness in arms and legs - I was homebound because it was too difficult to deal with feeling so uncomfortable when trying to do anything - I came upon Dr Deines while addressing my daughters lower back concerns - It was Dr Deines who knew I had a chiropractic concern just by the way I was walking - we then discussed all of my other concerns - After trying numerous other treatments from modern medicine to physical therapy - I thought "why not?" - With a quick scan and X-ray, Dr Deines was able to pinpoint exactly what was going on - Now my only thoughts are "Why did I not find Dr Deines sooner?" He has taken me from being unable to ride in a vehicle or walk around the block and barely making it through my day to being able to function as normal again - Amazing!!! I am a true believer in the chiropractic care he provides."

- Kimberly T.

"Dr. Deines is an honorable man who is as dedicated to his profession as he is to his patients. His attention to his profession is seen by his diligence to continue his education to ensure he is up-to-date on all procedures and medical knowledge. His attention to his patients, flexible scheduling, payment options, and personalized care prove his desire to give the best he has to offer. He and his staff work endlessly to ensure that you get the best care.

I met Dr. Deines after a car accident in which 4 of my discs were crushed. I was in severe pain and life as I knew it was over. I could not run down the soccer field anymore, let alone walk around the block. I couldn't work in my garden or pick up my grandson, as the pain set me to tears. I was resigned to a lifeless life. However, after my first visit I was given hope. After a thorough exam, Dr. Deines was able to identify the trouble areas and develop a plan with which we would work together to give me back my life.

Dr. Deines was able to help me heal and give me back my life. It took many hours, and I still have much to do, but I am thankful for the care he continues to give me. I can wrestle with my grandson, take long walks on the beach, and sit at my computer to finish my work."

- Alicia R.


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